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Between 1983 and the late 1980s, Abba’s North American label Atlantic issued selected titles from the group’s back catalogue on CD. These now much sought after titles were Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits Vol 2, Super Trouper, The Visitors and The Singles: The First Ten Years. 

The earliest titles were initially produced by PolyGram in West Germany due to the lack of CD pressing facilities in the US and Canada. Later, some Atlantic titles were pressed in Japan although there is no evidence that any Abba titles were amongst them.

Early Atlantic titles seem to have been available in two formats: a longbox version, where the CD was attached to a backing and more common standard versions with no backing.

Around 1986, Atlantic finally became able to press CDs in the US while its Canadian division is believed to have started pressing CDs there around 1987.

Of the five Abba titles issued by Atlantic, two were only ever released in Canada: The Visitors and The Singles: The First Ten Years. Compared with the US pressings, information about these Canadian artefacts is scarce.

One thought on “American CDs

  1. Polydor USA released own catalogue in mid 90’s. Ring Ring and Waterloo are sonically identical with european 1990 issues, but Waterloo artwork based on original USA LP sleeve.
    Arrival has innersleeve colourpicture. Most interesting is that Super Trouper must be identical with this Atlantic issue with no drop-out on tittle track and bit clearer sound than Polar 1983 issue. I’m not sure, but these are not remastered editions. There’s no information when these are made – only “Printed/Made in U.S.A”. I found them from local (Finnish) record store 1996 – they sold Usa – imports at that time.
    I only have Ring Ring(42284 3642-2), Waterloo(42284 3643-2), Arrival(42282 1319-2), Voulez Vous(42282 1320-2) and Super Trouper(42280 0023-2). It would be nice to know what kind of version “Abba” is (track listing) and sonically The Album.
    Has anyone more information about these issues

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