Mastering database

This website has been received numerous pleas for assistance in terms of identifying different masterings. This new feature aims to streamline the process and allow you to identify (and submit) details of masterings that aren’t documented on this site.

The data contained within the database consists of peak values from various Abba masterings as recorded by Exact Audio Copy, a copying tool which can also be used to analyse CDs.

The peak values are essentially a measure of the loudest peak on each track of the CD. They can be used to identify different masterings because the odds of two different masterings have identical peak values across all tracks is miniscule.

The known masterings for each Abba album is outlined in the PDF files below. They are designed to be a printable reference guide. Each also includes the values for the most recent CD issue of each album to provide a modern day benchmark. If you wish to compare your CDs with the CDs listed in the database, click here for a brief guide.

This database is under construction and so it only has data from Ring Ring, Waterloo, Abba and The Singles: The First Ten Years at the moment.

Ring Ring (1973)
Includes: Polar (1988); Rainbow (1988); Polydor (1990); and Polar (2005).

Waterloo (1974)
Includes: Polar (1988); Polydor (1990); and Polar (2005).

Abba (1975)
Includes: Polydor Japan (1986); Polydor Europe (1987); Polar (1988); and Polar (2005).

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1979)
Includes: Polar/Polydor (1982) and Atlantic (1983).

The Singles: The First Ten Years (1982)
Includes: Polar/Polydor (1982) and Canadian Atlantic (1987).

2 thoughts on “Mastering database

  1. The canadian release of “Super Trouper” is definitely not a clone of the german Polydor version, cause it doesn’t include the drop out on “Super Trouper”.

  2. Not sure if the following is useful but it may help in confirming that (all?) Canadian Polydor releases are the same as the European ones.

    I can confirm that the Canadian cd “ABBA” (Polydor 422 831 596-2) has the same peak values as the 1987 Polydor cd as listed in your ABBA.pdf

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