All text and research by: Ken Griffin.

Additional information provided by: Jon Axlerod, Ian Cole, Lex Corback, Steve Ellison, Laura Hitchens, Stuart Lemmen, Trent Nickson, Pepe, pHd, Walter Veldman and Robert Verbeek.

Additional images provided by: Jon Axlerod,, Ian Cole, Lex Corbach, Maggott, Steve Ellison, Theo van Dijk, Stuart Lemmen, Pepe, pHd, Rod Reynolds, Dave Turney and Walter Veldman.

Thanks to: Everyone on abbavillage and the forums for their assistance and support.

One thought on “Credits

  1. Thanks for the wealth of info on these CDs.
    After reading your audiophile comments on the ABBA Plaza website I started collecting some of the earlier releases in order to obtain the best possible sounding CDs, and this has added yet another dimension to my 30 year love of ABBA’s music.
    I think I may have one or two releases that you haven’t mentioned yet, so I will check my collection and let you know if there’s anything I can contribute.

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