Australian CDs

Australia came late to the Abba CD issuing party: its first titles emerged in 1988, more than six years after the first European CDs were released. This was hardly surprising given the rapid decline in the group’s popularity following the Abbamania of 1976/7.

Abba CDs were available in Australia before 1988 but these consisted of imports of European Polar CDs from West Germany, brought into the country by Abba’s long-time Australian record label RCA.

When Australian-made CDs did emerge, the selection was relatively sparse: a CD reissue of the local Best of Abba compilation from 1975, a local pressing of Greatest Hits Vol 2 (which had been available on import anyway) and three budget releases of Ring Ring.

After the PolyGram takeover of Polar in 1989, the first two titles listed above were deleted while Ring Ring, which was produced by a sublicensee, remained in print. The availability of local-pressed Abba CDs improved significantly but these editions were clones of the 1980s West German Polar/Polydor range.

One thought on “Australian CDs

  1. Does “clones of the 1980’s West German Polar/Polydor range” mean they also should have the same peak level as those releases?

    If so, the Australian 2cd The Singles isn’t a clone as it has different peak levels compared to the ones listed in your pdf file (Polar ’82 / Atlantic ’87).

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